This model was done to cover some of the tools used to sculpt in blender, Basemesh was done in wings and all the sculpt/retopo/baking done in blender, the video-tutorial showing the entire process can be found here:
http://3dtao.wordpress.com/2008/11/08/video-tutorial-modelando-um-monstro/, audio is in portuguese.

This model was done for the redfoot demo, the concept art by Arthur, All the 3d work was done in blender and Gimp for the texture work.

An old study, I don´t remember whose was the concept artist, but it was just a study, all done in maya

Another old character, the concept art was done by a friend of mine (and a skillful artist) Lourival Jr. , Modeling and render in Maya

This model was based in the D&D creature Dropper, another personal study. Maya for basemesh sculpted and textured in zbrush and rendered in Blender.

this one was for the Ancient Beast project the concept art by our friend Katarzyna Zalecka, everything (modeling/sculpting/bake/uv/retopo) done in blender, I recorded all the process and soon will release a tutorial showing the progress of how I model it.

Another old character, concept art by André Giacomo, model in maya, textured and rendered in blender.

This work was done for a Brazilian game company called flock-in, it was for a prototype game about safety in work, it was really simple because of the deadline, here are different lightning mood done using Blender render nodes. Everything done in Blender and some texture work on Gimp

This character will be used in the Redfoot opening animation, concept by our talented Arthur, all 3d content done in Blender

Woman study, an anatomy study done to learn some topology. all done in Blender


3D Old Works